Attention for operation of electric scooptram

2019-02-13 11:33:39 2923

The scooptram is mainly used for loading operation in underground mine, mainly loading ores into transporting truck, mine car or winze. Sometimes the scooptram can also be used in tunnel construction, which can transport loose stones produced by blasting. In the process of operating electric scooptram, operators must grasp the matters needing attention of electric scooptram in order to prevent accidents caused by improper operation.

1. Maintenance, adjustment and refueling operations must be carried out only after the shutdown of the machine. At the same time, the machine must be parked in a safe place. It must not be parked in dangerous places such as landslides and the edge of the winze.

2. Leakage protection distribution boxes should be placed in absolutely safe, dry and well ventilated places, and cable fixed piles are firm.

3. The fuselage emergency stop device should be kept in good condition.

4. Electric scooptram itself has good lighting, while the workplace should have adequate lighting, and only 36V voltage is allowed to illuminate, never allow the use of flame instead of lighting.

5. The driver’s cab, underground maintenance room, garage, etc. must have fire extinguishers, insulating gloves and electroscope pens for operating high-voltage power supply.

6. Wheels should be properly charged. If tires are found to be insufficiently inflated, work should be stopped and tires should be inflated in time.

7. Electric scooptram must maintain good lubrication and cleanliness, and should be parked where the shock wave can not be affected.

8. When abnormal conditions are found in the working face, loading operations should be stopped immediately and evacuated to safe areas and timely report to the leaders.

9. Switchboxes must be closed at all times. Except qualified electricians, no one else should open them.

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