Main Differences Between Scooptram and Loader

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Main Differences Between Scooptram and Loader

  1. Different uses.

The main purpose of the scooptram is to shovel and transport. Eagerly is self-shoveling.

The main purpose of the loader is for loading. Although the current loaders are multi-purpose, the loader can easily realize the interchange of general-purpose buckets, rock buckets, fire-proof and environmentally friendly buckets, side dump buckets, sliding forks, etc. The working conditions require the configuration of push shovels, booms, snow plows, clamps and other tools to achieve multi-purpose use of one machine. But the main use is still loading.

  1. The categories are different.

LHD underground loader belong to earth and stone construction machinery.

Commen Loaders are loading and unloading machines.

  1. Structural difference:

The distance of the LHD loaders from the ground is small, and the middle of the bucket relies on the extension of a dump cylinder to realize the action of the bucket. Generally, it is used in places with little resistance and relatively flat. In front of the loader, there is a long boom, which can move There are boom cylinders on the left and right sides of the arm, and the bucket is equipped with a tipping cylinder, which can directly pour the material into the truck box, which is impossible for a scooptram.

Scooptram are a kind of trackless equipment in mines, which are widely used in the mining and transportation of underground mines. Trackless mining equipment with scrapers and dump trucks as the core has become the mainstream of mining technology development at home and abroad. At present, the widely used scrapers in the market are divided into two types: internal combustion scrapers and electric scrapers. Internal combustion scrapers are suitable for a well-ventilated working environment and are flexible and efficient; electric scrapers are more environmentally friendly. , pollution-free.

Loader is a kind of earth and stone construction machinery widely used in highway, railway, construction, hydropower, port, mine and other construction projects. It is mainly used to shovel bulk materials such as soil, sand, lime, coal, etc. , hard soil, etc. for light shovel excavation. It can also carry out bulldozing, lifting and loading and unloading of other materials such as wood by changing different auxiliary working devices. In roads, especially in high-grade highway construction, loaders are used for filling and excavating roadbed engineering, aggregate and loading of asphalt mixture and cement concrete yard. In addition, it can also carry out operations such as pushing soil, scraping the ground and pulling other machinery. Because the loader has the advantages of fast operation speed, high efficiency, good maneuverability, and easy operation, it has become one of the main types of earthwork construction in engineering construction.

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