Gold Heap Leaching

Gold Heap Leaching

Heap leaching of gold is mainly used in low-grade gold ores or gold-bearing tailings after flotation. Crush or grind the ores (or flotation tailings) to certain particle size (i.e., granulation), pile up the fine ores on the paving of asphalt, concrete or plastic materials such as leakproof bottom mat, then spray the process medium(low concentration of cyanide, alkaline solution, non-toxic solvent, or dilute sulphuric acid solution) on the ore heap, the gold, silver in the ore can be dissolved and percolate out from the ore heap. Chat With Us Leave Message

1. Low-grade gold and silver mines that are too large to be routinely developed.
2. Low-grade gold-bearing rock stripped in the mining process.
3. Middle and low-grade gold-bearing ores extracted from geological pit exploration and mining.
4. Gold grade is slightly higher, but the mine scale is small.
5. Use conventional cyanidation method to treat economically disadvantageous gold mines.
6 Gold smelting slag, high grade tailings and gold containing large waste yard.


The Ore Process

It is advisable to crush the ore into size of 30mm-50mm, and then transport the ores to the ore heap for piling, directly going to the heap shower, or granulating (agglomeration of finer particles into coarse powder pellets) and then heap leaching. Heap leaching method has no high requirement for topographic conditions, and can be done according to terrain conditions. Mountain top, hillside could be used to build a permanent dump yard.

Heap Leaching System

On the laid ore heap, the heap pouring system of cyanide solution is arranged. After the reaction between the cyanide solution and the ores, the gold-containing solution exudes from the bottom of the ore heap and flows into the pregnante solution pool. After the pregnante solution is pumped into the adsorption column, the solution after being adsorbed by the activated carbon is poor liquid, which is returned to the spray system for reuse.


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