Magnetite is a kind of mineral which is easily beneficiated. Generally, lean iron ores are processed by gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation and roasting-magnetic separation combined processes, and strong magnetic iron ores are processed by magnetic separation directly. In recent years, the granularity of magnetite has been gradually refined and the requirement of iron concentrate in iron-making industry has been raised. The development of magnetite beneficiation technology has been accelerated and remarkable results have been achieved, including the application of new equipment such as fine screen, magnetic separation column and weak magnetic separation-reverse flotation process. At present, the grade of magnetite concentrate in China has been raised to about 70%, and the silica content has been reduced to 4%. Magnetite separation production line can be applied to single magnetite ore. Chat With Us Leave Message

Magnetite separation production line can be applied to single magnetite ore.


1. weak magnetic field reverse flotation process: weak magnetic reverse flotation process can be subdivided into weak magnetic field — cationic reverse flotation process and weak magnetic field – anion reverse flotation process, the difference is that the flotation reagents used are different, compared to cationic reverse flotation, the advantages of anion reverse flotation such as flotation foam is not sticky, and the index is more stable. However, the higher temperature of flotation slurry required by anionic reverse flotation is unfavorable for pipeline transportation of concentrate, and acid treatment is needed before filtration.
2. Whole magnetic separation process: Whole magnetic separation method highlights the advantages of simple process and no environmental pollution.


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